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I have been wondering what I shall write in my blog this year – on top of poetries. Not entirely new in this country, and getting maybe a tad too comfy, I have been at this level of drought where it’s hardly possible to scoop up a spoonful for each entry.

It helps when I look at entries from others but I would like something original as well.
Yesterday I came upon this incident, spurring me to blog about “goodness” in a day.
What’s it all about? It shall be my personal encounter, about the kind people I have met in this country and their good deeds, without expecting any rewards.

With hardly a pound in my pocket, I had the intention of purchasing a pack of toilet paper from Poundland. Yes, Poundland offers very good deals for home essentials and is one of my frequented shops. Unfortunately they do not accept credit card unless your grand total adds up to more than five pounds.

Deciding to head towards the Barclays cash machines on the left, I quickly went to the first of the row of three. I inserted my card and keyed in my pin. Pin accepted, the following message popped up: Please note that there will not be any available receipt for all withdrawals. Crap, I thought. No way, I need a receipt for tracking.

I cancelled the transaction and was just about to put in my card into the next machine when this kind teenager, who moved from the centre machine to the last one said, all three machines do not provide a receipt, I have tried them all, save your time. Probably not in the same exact flow of sentences, I am trying to quote as much as possible from our conversation. But the phrase “save your time” was what I still remembered after one day.

He need not have done that. There was no need to. He could have just went off. But he thought to share his experience. His kind unsolicited gesture prompted me to reply with a “Thank you”, just in time before he walked away.
Many a times, I have met folks with goodness, distributing their kindness without anything in return. And caught by surprise each time, I forgot to thank them. These kindred spirits are warming up the world, doing their best in all the small little things we easily take for granted as we go through our routines each day.

Dont we all know, it’s all the little things that adds up, isnt it?