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One of the most pivotal person in my life sent me this image via Facebook. I took a look at it – and thought how apt. This friend of mine – we always end up talking alot about life. I get inspired by her alot because she has thought through about alot of things in life. I wouldnt say she has an answer for me, but the explanation she offers, alot of times it helps to answer my questions. Simple answers.

I jump alot. More times than I can remember. Unconventional things – quitting the job when there is no job during recession period, refusing to follow behind others like a sheep even if most people thinks it make sense etc. I work on the principles that as long as there is no logic or no plausible, convinceable logic, I will reject the idea. I do bow down to conventions at times but mostly to make people happy. Even if I think it’s crap. But I try not to repeat it, lest of self-inflicted built up shame.

Coming back to this quote which I managed to search online and found an image with a better resolution. We did arrive at the same agreement that sometimes, there is no perfect time to jump. It depends on how ready you are. There is no 100% readiness. Nobody ever will. Even if you think you have, I am convinced something else will pop up telling you there is some uncovered angle. Put simply, as long as you have courage, able to face the worst consequence or anything else, go ahead. Else you might regret it, in life, second chances doesnt come easily.
I still recall my pink skirt. Once I saw it, I keep thinking about it and even went to try it out. But I wasnt able to justify the cost for it and when I eventually did, the skirt was gone. Pink jeans skirt. It’s embedded in my head, a constant reminder to myself. When something is worth it, go for it. If you dont, you’ll regret it. I did.

My little Haiku for this thought –

Regret will I not?
Second chance seldom comes by,
Think not and action.

PS: Image compliment of http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ld38neBEVH1qe1iebo1_500.gif