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->In life, we are always waiting. For an answer, for a goal, for a result. We step forward in trepidation, not knowing where life will lead. Recently, a friend E has been waiting for an answer. I want to tell her, be brave, alot of times we live in the unknowns and can only put in our best efforts and hope for the best.

Sometimes the answer might not be what we want or expect but it will return us a peace of mind and enable us to move on to the next phase in life. Dedicated especially to this friend as well as to myself, a constant reminder that the peace of mind may sometimes be developed even without knowing the result. This ie because, as long as we have put in the efforts, we have learned and grew and the rest of the output is not within our control. Hence the saying, life always turns up the unexpected.








Footsteps on needles,
answer in far horizons,
anxious heart thumps fast.



Aptly, I decided this Haiku I created is most apt to receive this unexpected award. Thanks very much as usual to all my supporters and let’s continue to work hard!
I would like to nominate booguloo for the next award.