Why do we keep count of the number of years on earth?
Beats me. Clueless about it. It could be good in a way, keeping count of what we are doing, keeping count of our achievement versus the time frame taken. However our modern society seemed to have evolved.

Age – this indicator has become something that works against us if you are on the wrong number. The greater the value, the more it is associated with experience, wisdom,greater capacity to work things out, expectation to know almost everything, however, you are less easily forgiven when you make mistakes.
The opposite is true when you have spent lesser time on earth. More easily forgiven, “you will learn more as you go along”, time appears to be in aplentiful and one hears phrases like ” You have the future in front of you!”
To me, there is no logic. In every sense, we are all working on the assumption that we will not be facing death tomorrow, allowing us to have plenty of time to do things, much time to think and we can only make one choice in life in order to have sufficient time to succeed in our chosen area. Anyone of us can die tomorrow. What if today’s our last day on earth, should we be following the expectation or should we only pursue what we want?

Although technology has transformed our way of our lives, our lifestyle has been fundamentally altered but one underlying fact trancends across time. The stigma associated with age-more obvious in the female gender, appathe need to be building a family by the time you are 30, furthest you could stretch is 35. Expectations to be doing the ‘right’ thing is there, and the need to adhere probably to a protocol?

Not extremely sure how this thinking stretch across all cultures but coming from an Asian background and currently observing the English culture, the “age” question exists to varying degrees. Hence, I have to confess I get a tad annoyed when I am questioned about my age. Not because of anything but simply the unspoken “expectations” and “categories” associated with the value of the figure and how I am being viewed. By right, I shouldnt be too bothered about opinions of others, should I? Or am I too sensitive?

What does everyone think about it?