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Why do I like to do new things?

Breaks me out of routine,
builds up appreciation,
or perhaps enable me to make tough choices.

Totally inspirational,
enables me to create new contents,
or perhaps adjusting,
even widening my scope of thoughts.

Increases my self confidence,
get to know myself better,
allow insight to my own capabilities,
of which I have no idea all this while.

Refreshes and recharges me,
similar to having a break once in a while,
giving my mind more space for entry of new ideas.

Have a little bit of adventure now and then,
seeking a slice of the unknown,
as familiarity breeds contempt.

Opens the door to new possibilities,
prevents being stuck in a rut,
creating a through route in life.

Meets new people over thoughts exchange,
acceptance of ideas or school of thoughts,
repeated by an unknown(neutral) party.

Grow as an individual,
best way to view each encounter in one way or another,
as a new positive and enriching experience.

Hence I like to do new things.

Submitted for Thursday Poets Rally Week 62