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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Sorry in advance for those expecting a post about the day of love and friendship, I might post one maybe tomorrow but first I would like to go into this little topic about professionalism in the job.

I have had quite a fair bit of experience when it comes to blood test. I might go into the history perhaps one day but right now I have to share my encounter this morning. Impressed is not the word I would associate with services in London compared to Singapore. Efficiency – no, customer service – not really. It’s not that it’s bad. Just that when I grew up with modern services and “Customer is King” world is my expectation. I have been upset and disappointed at times with the services provided. Except just this once.

With numerous attempts to withdraw blood from either my left or right arms, I had occasions when blood continued to flow out even though a plaster has been stuck on the spot, when needles had to be inserted repeatedly when the wrong spots have been identified, when the nurse/doctor had a hard time trying to spot veins or trying to decide which arm has the most visible veins, they generally take a long time and trying to juggle 10 things at the same time. Period.

Today, the most exciting thing happened to me. Being #79 in line, I was expecting a long wait with the first person starting off at queue number 68. Imagine my surprise when the patients went into a room one after another at a relatively fast pace. Within half hour, my turn came. I stepped into a room with three persons carrying out the same task with three other individuals. The doctor, probably, was extremely well trained. First verifying my particulars, enquired if I was scared about needles and whilst I was trying to decide if I should place my bags on the floor(as hospistals have a strong relationship with bacteria and virus), she had the needle all ready. Though she had to repeat all her instructions twice as she was quite soft spoken and the perhaps English accent wasnt quite English. I pulled up my left sleeve as she was standing on my left. She put on the arm band, told me to clench my fist and procceded to stick the needle in, followed by the tube. And gosh, the blood flowed out smoothly! I was unbelievably impressed! “You are fast…!” was all I could manage.

She smiled and extracted the needle, placed a cotton wool piece on the tiny almost invisible hole and told me to press on the wound. Once she was done with labelling, she stuck on a piece of tape on top of the cotton wool and my turn was over.

That’s true professionalism in the work. Minimal pain and anxiety for the patient. Best Valentine Day gift ever.
Detailing every single step was crucial as a poem wouldnt be able to express the intricate steps and the process as well.

Have you ever encountered a service you were suitably impressed? Share with me – I would be pleased to know that there are more of such people in existence 🙂