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As the snow threatens to hit the UK, inspiration again stands at a far distance as I battle with the cold, struggling to keep warm. The  only place that seems the warmest – the bed with a duvet. This is a piece to illustrate the battle to work each day till I head to bed.
Stay snuggled with the duvet and keep warm!


Bones shaking,
hair standing,
eyes squinting,
hands hiding,
feet freezing,
ears numbing.

When gusts approach,
involuntary shivers passes from top down,
slowing the steps.
Mistake not jumps for glee,
for the bittery cold touches from beneath.
Quickened pace,
layers of warmth,
yet not ’nuff to battle the icy air.

Clothes not sufficiently warm,
socks infiltrated by low temperatures.
Best place to be,
duvet above, bed below,
try to stick it out,
let not, the sleeping cold bites.