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It started on day two of the new year. Seated on my carpet, I was surfing the net on my three year old notebook when a speck of black fur appeared to whizz by from the corner of my right eye. I was stunned momentarily, wondering if I was seeing things. Or perhaps I was tired. Standing up, I wandered nearer to my heater and peered at the corner. Nothing. Turning my head to the other corner, I saw nothing as well. Wanting very much to brush off the affair but my common sense dictated otherwise. I sat down again. Pondering over the matter, I walked back to the exact same spot five minutes later and checked the two corners yet again. Again nothing.

Deciding to check it out with my housemate, I enquired after the presence of a black furry species. Not that she was aware of. With a headful of thoughts, I went to my landlady and landlord’s flat(who live downstairs) to have a quick chat. Not wanting to jump into conclusion, I formed a polite question, “I may have seen a mouse earlier. It scooted off so fast so I am not very certain. Have you seen any lately?” To provide some bit of a background, there has been a historical past of mice due to a certain food shop located downstairs but I havent seen any since I first moved in.

To my surprise, the landlady beckoned the landlord over to continue our conversation together. Apparently, they do not rule out the possibility of the black pests. Offering to put out mouse glue traps in my room the next day, they suggested that I should clear out the bottom of my bed to make room for the traps. The traps will trap the mouse though it will not kill it and I will need to inform my landlady so she could come and pick up the squealing live mouse. I received confirmation that at any point in the night, if the mouse is caught, I will procced immediately to wake up my landlady to get the mouse(Like me, my landlord has a phobia of mice). At that moment, of course I would have liked an immediate solution. However, they seem to feel that it was not of the utmost priority for today. Hence I decided to leave it at that for the time being.

Short of turning into a nervous wreck, I needed a “reassurance” session from my housemate to keep my sanity intact.
1. Mouse only goes to food areas. As long as there is no food, they will not be attracted.
-Good, no food in my room. So I should be safe.
2. Mouse only comes out if there are no one. As long as there is presence of humans, it will not be on its food hunt.
Good, I will keep my lights on to alert the mouse of my presence. I should be alright.

Resolutely repeating the two points in my head, I managed to fall asleep slightly past midnight with my roomlights in full blast. The following day, I returned to my room and three mouse glue traps stared right back at me. Feeling squeamish, I made up my mind to spend the minimum amount of time in my room till the creature was caught. My pet topic in the days that follow-mouse.

I learnt a couple of additional facts.
1. A mouse has the ability to slip through any small holes(unless they are slits).
2. There is a type of mouse house trap which catches the mice alive and we could release it later. This reminded me of Kate’s – The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men
3. Mice exists in groups – a social creature.

#3 was the only fact that has been haunting me. In fact, I keep wondering if it would bring its friend for a visit to my room too. The same mouse(or so I like to believe, else it would have been its friend, affirming #3) was spotted in my other housemate’s room. And recently, we have heard its noise in the kitchen and saw how good it can chew through rubber. Two nights ago, I heard it run across my ceiling.

Will it be caught soon? I do hope so. I have rejected the idea of putting food on top of my glue trap for now as the food could rot(due to the heat from the radiator) and I am not sure I welcome the idea for it to be caught in my room. There has since been another two other glue traps in the kitchen with a mouse on the loose. When it will it be caught? With this cloud of uncertainty above my head, it’s no wonder I came up with a 2012 new year resolution – to keep my room neat and tidy.