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Bitterly cold wind sweeps past,

snow flakes floats down,

the finger numbing chill,

frozen feet barely moves.

“What’s that?” I exclaim!

Glitttering lights up front,

merry music drifts near.

Warmth approaches to befriend.

“Could it be…the magical land?” I gasp.

Eternity disappearing that instant,

Snow flakes turning magical under yellow glow,

I blink again, yet again.

Smiling faces surround me,

joy and hope fills the air,

shouts of delight everywhere.

Winter no longer cold,

body no longer shivers.

What I have sought for,

and I have arrived.


Finally my last chapter of 2011 – Seasons of Change  – duly completed. Took me a long time, but I got there.

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Thanks very much to the Poetry Palace, I have received the Perfect Poet Award Week 60 – my first award in 2012!
And I would like to nominate brokenpenwriter  for the next award.