Not with fireworks not firecrackers, but rather a “ball scoop”, mortars and machine guns.

1. The early bird catches the early worm – is the expression I have always lived by.
2. Gaining new experience – an mandate I have swore to upkeep
3. Learning new things – a vital part of my evolution process
4. Honing my social interaction skills – to make sure I am fitting into the new culture I have joined in since two years ago.

I fulfilled all four on the first day of 2012. Amazing, isn’t it?

Dragging myself from bed for an early morning dog walk plus some arm exercise was not something I have envisioned myself to be doing on the first day of the new year. Somehow I accomplished that feat.

It all started almost nearly a year back – A Brazilian Farewell – I got to know this fasinating English girl – A from the party.

We kinda clicked off and our little friendship trotted our journey till the rest of this year. I was hence invited over to her place for a little family dinner, together with her mom. A delicious roast dinner and a game of puzzle, illustrating two tigers with blue background. Notice the blue background I have emphasized – basically we were staring at different shades of blue and purplish pieces the entire evening. We managed to complete the frame without much difficulties and it was great progress – prompting me to carve out the goal of completing two tigers by midnight. Of course, that was when we got stuck. Stuck stuck. Only barely piecing together the reddish eyes and a little of the ears and trying to sort out the shades of blue. That’s what we had at the end of 2011. Enjoyed the puzzling game as I havent done that for the longest time! Realised my eyes are quite good with colours – though not seeing much of shapes.

By the stroke of midnight prompt from the radio, we made a toast with champagne : Happy New Year!! After which it all went slightly downhill. Ermm..by which I meant we were getting tired and seeing no more yelps of delight, we retired for the night.

An early night, of course led to an early morning walk with the dogs. Got myself a playmate in fact – from the options of Dotty, Jessie, and the white dog with brown ears. For some reason, I am unable to recall the name of the dog at this stage. But he was quite enthusiastic – we had a great game of ball – swinging my right arm with all my might and trying to breathe in as much of the fresh morning air. It was definitely rejuvenating and a great way of overcoming my phobia building up rapport with dogs.

An hour of morning exercise led us to pancakes time! Two pancakes with jam downed by a cup of tea. We were soon on our way for Sherlock Holmes at O2. Excellent movie – although maybe a tad predictable at certain occasions. We delighted ourselves with laughter over the two hour movie. Followed by lunch – chicken caesar salad with buffalo wings and adjoining back with another cuppa tea over and poring over the rest of the puzzle. It was almost 6 when I realised it was time to salute my little new year getaway adieus.

With promises of another visit soon, I made my way home, pleased with my company and choice of spending my new year’s eve.

Absolute pleasant visit. Happy New Year 2012!