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Which country in the world does not use cash?


This year, all about cracker pulling towards the end of the year. I may have pulled a cracker before some time before but honestly it hasnt made an impression on me before till Dec 4 this year. I was staring at this candy like object on my company’s Xmas dinner. Wondering what it was.

A cracker, I am told. We pull it over Christmas dinners. It’s interesting! Everyone around the table crosses their arms and pull your neighbour’s crackers at the count of three. Some of us will get a party hat, accompanied by a joke or teaser. Some of us get little toys.

So let me take a crack at this!


Cracker, cracker where are you?
Time of the year, we need you!!
With teasers aplenty,
share too your hidden toys,
trinkets and party hats!

Pull with a crack, CRack, CRACK!
Reveal yourself,
smiles and laughter abound!


Happy Christmas! Sharing it with Poetry Potluck Week 51