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The time comes after 12 months,
a season to celebrate, a season to give, a season to gather, a season to gift,
a season for some magic.

Carols float in, sounds of violins fill the streets.
A festive scene set up, drink and make merry, let’s stand up to celebrate.

A pine tree lit up, red, blue, yellow, green.
Gifts stacked around aplenty, thoughts wrapped to be presented, giving spirit soar high

Fire burns strong, yummy food laid out.
A home-coming re-created, families reunited gather close, while hugs and kisses exchanged.

The joyous occasion marked – White flakes fall on the standing snowman, hanging mistletoe sways, laughter cheers the air.
Pause this moment, make a wish quick, a heartening moment to remember, a cause to rejoice – It’s a jolly great season!


Submitting this for Thursday Poets Rally Week 59