Looking at Imperfection, I discovered this new word – Puerile. Appalled that I have never come across this word before, I wonder if this word has not been widely used or could it be my lack of reading in the recent years.

Courtesy of dictionary.com, I found two meanings.

1. of or pertaining to a child or to childhood.
2. childishly foolish; immature or trivial: a puerile piece of writing.
I could probably say I was puerile in my teens but since then I have matured and give more consideration to people around me?
But given certain conditions, I still feel puerile at heart?
Though it does seem to have a negative connotation. Although Jyotimi did use this word in her prose and defended that puerile doesnt make a person less of a person. This word will definitely be swimming in my brain for the rest of this week 🙂