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Guess what’s that?
Chocolates, Cards, Christmas Pie! All these indicates it’s time for a party!





New knowledge today – apparently the pie with drenched brandy, will burst into flames. Supposed to be traditional. Does anyone know anything about this?

Ok – thats the side topic. The main topic today is all about the cards and gifts I received on 17 Dec!
The perks of being a teacher, hooray!! Not entirely true.
Bit of a background, starting about nearly more than a year ago, I started volunteering at the English class. I try to go as much as I could. Having no background in teaching, I was surprised to realise I quite enjoy teaching English. I wouldnt say I have excellent pronounciation nor great vocabulary. But to teach international students who travelled all the way to learn English, it’s not that tough, provided we are not following a syllabus. We have some texts every Sat, usually one of the hottest topic within UK. We divde ourselves into groups and we will get them to read the texts.
For different level groups, we employ different methods. For a beginner level, we would focus more on pronounciation and basic vocabulary and grammar. For a more intermediate level, we do more of conjugation of the words and of course synonyms and antonym. It helps to widen their vocabulary. For some the purpose is not to really understand the entire text but rather just to use it as a tool to build up their grammar and vocabulary. For the more advanced level, they have more discussion topics.

It’s quite enjoyable to have different groups each week and as the class is free and not extremely structured(and it’s on a Sat), hence not everybody comes every week. Good dynamics, class control, varying learning and teaching styles. Good satisfaction results at the end of the class, especially when you feel you have just passed on some knowledge, hoping very hard they will keep it in their heads.
At times it’s tiring but all in all, I still wake up early on a Sat morning most times. That speaks volume, isnt it?

This particular Sat, there was no class. In place was a party to mark the last session of the year. With familiar faces around smiling, chatting and delicious food and of course not forgetting my little reward this year – chocolates!! And cards. Totally unexpected but I loved it.
Sweet of them, isnt it? For now I shall relish in my little treats but I will most definitely be looking forward to Jan 7 2012!