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I- Infused with positivity,
embarks on an ongoing life journey,
not knowing rights from lefts.
Yet riding out the ups and downs, accompanied by tears and laughter,
I keep holding on with faith; I believe.

That’s life.


I would like to take this chance to thank all my visitors who have been extremely supportive and encouraging.
Thanks very much for your feedback and comments. I am still here! Apologies for my belated responses of late. Coming to year-end, my day job has been zapping up most of my energy and I have been sorely lacking energy to wake the artistic side of me.
Nevertheless, I have just been inspired by lynaima , with her “Of Me” post. I love those lines. Beautiful, yet filled with energy, resolve and belief.
I have put up an excerpt below and do check out her site for other more inspiring posts 🙂

Ten-Second Essay #134 BY James Richardson
And through it all I danced the conversation of my dreams while riding the waves of my tears