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Thanksgiving is just two days away. Not that I have ever celebrated it.
It is coincidental as it coincides with my win in Thursday Rally Week 56 – Perfect Poet’s Award

As such, this piece is especially written to give thanks to all the people who were part of my life and the folks who are in my life at this moment.

I nominate Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie for the next award.


Time to take a pause, take stock,
look behind, bow low and reflect.

Thanks for giving me life,
appreciate my physical being,
with my evolving intellect.

Thanks to my family,
principles and values I hold dear,
crafting me – a piece of art.

Thanks for the people I met,
appreciate the lessons learnt,
enhancing my life experience.

Thanks for the friends I made,
supporting shoulder, listening ear,
guidance along the journey.

Thanks for the chances I had,
decisions I made,
creation of a fun and enriching route.

I give thanks, to all and each,
sincere bow, a firm handshake,
for being part of my life.

A special moment, a single thought.
Thank you, thank you.