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Stone in the heart removed,
Once embedded deep in,
Treasured once before.

I don’t know when it evolved,
Used to fill up the heart but
It started to hurt
And weighed me down.
Many a times, I tried to extract it,
But the process pained me so.

I waited and waited,
Hoping the pain will go away.
Gradually it numbed me so,
Till I realised it was time,
To remove the solid whole.

Tough as it was,
I knew it would be better in time,
Letting go was probably best for all.
Now a hole is left gapping,
Nothing can be done except to wait for time.

**Thanks for Perfect Poet Award Week 54. I am encouraged continuously by the community and I hope to continue to inspire others to paint the world with poetry. Above is my acceptance post for the award.

I hereby nominate The Lonely Recluse for his continual contribution to the literary world.