This is part of a 4 seasons 2011 series – earlier posts points to Spring in Hyde Park and Summer Marches In.

Also, I would like to thank Poets Rally for the Perfect Poet Award and I would like to nominate The Tickly Turtle







Orange leaves in masses lay quietly at the doorway.
Did the branches lose their grip on them? Wonders not.

The time has come to separate, to go their own ways each.
The wind aids in their tasks;
one to transform into an indicator for mankind,
the other shall hibernate soon for the next year.

A season to pack and head back,
soon to enjoy the fruits of labour.
The breeze swings by and gently shakes the tall presence.
Formidable it looks but no matter how hard he tries,
nature shall triumph still and ensure all rules are obeyed.

For when summer marches out,
Autumn is now King with the Wind as Queen.
Behold the energy which embraces us,
hold tight to your belongings,
dress warm to trap the heat,
the royal pair shall glide by,
when rules are unfollowed,
beware, for you will be punished,
when the Queen will blow her top.