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You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you. -by Pluto

New knowledge I acquired over a reading a dissertation from a friend this evening. Tough to comprehend – whatever does it mean. It didnt seem logical.
Maybe it means, circumstances are ever changing and hence it’s never the same in any case? The river does not have the same currents and even if one steps into the river, it is always different?

Recently, whenever someone asks me for my opinion, I have been stuttering and always take long pauses. Have I lost my mind? No, I have carefully crafted and collected a number of new thoughts over the last 1.5 years and they have been weaved into my brain intricately. Whenever, there is a question, I dissect them into 101 pieces and proceed to match the similarity before providing my views. The underlying principle never changes though – the same situation is different for different individuals and hence the same view might not apply to all.
Though, one thing did start to bother me – have I become too flexible to the other extreme when I try too much to put myself into the shoes of others? Maybe. Or perhaps I feel that everyone is entitled to their perspective and there is no clearly defined rights or wrongs. As long as there is no physical or emotional harm inflicted on others, I dont see why the world does not accept another way of thoughts. We need not adopt the same view but why should we not open our minds to accomodate and accept that there are more ways to look at things than what can be seen from the naked eye?