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Beep…went my mobile alarm. Five am, it says.
Last morning of my holiday in Brussels has just kickstarted. Time to pack up and set off, oh and I have yet to finish writing up the card for dear S.

An excellent, relaxing and enjoyable vacation in Brussels via Eurostar, I was there for only a weekend. Brussels, Ghent, Dinant – all part of Belgium, a quiet country in general with early bedtime habits. My eyes clouded. Achieving my only purpose to visit S, a friend I knew a year back, I was contented. Satisfied. Happy. Short but memorable, I recall the past couple of days and the joy I was embraced in. The rapport of the couple, the easy banter and switch between French, Portugese and English. Perfect understanding of each others’ needs and wants. The moments of simple happiness touched me to the core. I believed in simplicity breeds happiness – in front of my eyes was this feast I couldnt get enough of. I had stopped believing it existed. But I had solid proof – my eyes were witnesses. I rubbed my eyes but the tears wouldnt stop falling. No jealousy, no envy. Blessings of happiness, I quietly stored this happiness away into a pocket of my heart. It would suffice in this lifetime. In my heart, I sought forgiveness for being a thief of happiness.

Holding back my tears, I completed my goodbye card and packed my bags. S asked, would you like any breakfast? Normally I would have politely declined but I wasnt sure when I might see her again. Greedily I accepted the offer. Stomach warmed with breakfast and a sandwich bag packed for the return journey, I presented her my card as well after she gave me a parting gift-belgian chocolates and a card. It was time to depart.

Descending the five-storey building, we stepped out onto the empty street. Walking down towards the tram stop, S chattered on about her Prague trip as I corrected her English from time to time with C leading the way ahead. A quick 5 min stroll, we waited for the last couple of moments with some small talk. Very soon, the tram arrived. Assuring them I would be able to make the rest of the trip on my own, I gave them each a final hug goodbye and boarded the tram once again for my journey, alone.

As I paid for my two euro ticket, my tears gave rein and my vision blurred for a while. Staring down at my ticket, I realised that it needed validation. At this moment, a kind lady came forward and pointed at my ticket, then at the machine. I nodded and thanked her. Settling back into my seat, it suddenly struck me that I had forgotten when I should be alighting. I approached the driver and though there was a language barrier, she showed me the schedule of the tram’s arrival at my requested stop. 6.17am.

After twenty minutes, we arrived. Most of the passengers alighted. Thanking her, I got off and followed the others onto the next chapter. Goodbye Brussels, hi again, London…