When I am thirsty,
you hand me a glass of water.

When I am hungry,
you cook me a meal.

When I am sad,
you hug me tightly in your arms and try to cheer me up.

When I am happy,
you lift me up and swirl around in circles.

When I have problems,
you stand silently next to me and give me your support.

When I nod my head and doze off,
your shoulder is awaiting.

A wink, a squint, a crunching of the face,
you always seem to know – what I want and what I need.

My heart starts to ache for you unknowingly,
I start to care how you feel,
my mood swings in rhythm with yours.
Is that love which I have failed to realise,
happiness knocking at my door whom I have ignored,
when did I start to feel this way?

I have no clue and no idea.
Doesnt matter when it happens, doesnt matter whenย I have fallen.
Images of us in the horizon with greying hair, surrounded by laughing kids;
as the skies transforms into shades of orange, hand in hand we walk along the beach.

Submitted as entry forย Thursday Poets Rally Week 47