The thoughts are unruly,

oh, why cant they be still?

Particle by particle they move forward,

yet we see naughty ones jumping queue.

Give them a smack and they turn tail,

but once the eye is gone,

they bully the good thoughts and scare them away.

Is it so hard to get them in line?

Why do they not put on their best behaviour?

Dont they know that all of them have a role to play,

but if the timing’s not right they should stay in the queue till their turn is called upon.

Should we show them the whip to tame them?

Tell them to behave and put them in place!

“There is a time to work and watch for the time to play!”

Pray, consider the bigger picture and know what should be done.

For if we dont focus on the task at hand, dire consequences will emerge,

and alas, we will not achieve our goals on time.

Behave, listen and do your due,

in time you will then receive your rewards!

This entry has been submitted for Thursday Poets Rally 45