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A seed has been sowed in UK.
As the seasons changes and seduces the emotions.
Seedling undergoes germination
Immersion in culture differences provokes a change in perspective.
Water the bud and watch it grow.
Meeting folks from anywhere inspires amazing thoughts.
Scatter the fertiliser and give it nutrients.
Travelling to historic sites and patches of greens draws the imagination to great heights.
We can now see tiny leaves and buds sprouting out.

How far will it grow? When will it bear fruit?
We dont know. But one thing for sure: a new life is born.

This has been entered for Thursday Poets Rally 44


Thanks for everyone’s encouragement and I am extremely grateful to all your comments.
And especially to the folks from Thursday Poetry Rally and Poetry Potluck Monday.
Special mention to J who started the Working Holiday Textbook with me, Kate who discovered me and also Jingle for introducing me to the poetry exchanges! 🙂

The Celebrate Poet of Summer in 2011 Honorable Mention Award…