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Surviving still after a day

Drive we did down the country road,
vast fields lining narrow lanes.
As music accompanies, we reach.

Sun smiled, wind puffed,
just perfect for a historical walk.
Colours blossomed in the garden
and families strolled around the compound.
Performance livened the day
and the scenes were captured by ‘snap, snap’.

Hever told  us her tale through the castle tour.
Closed our eyes we try, to visualise.
The king’s story and Anne’s sorry plight.

Through the maze we ran, over the water sprays we jumped.
Hand in hand, we walked the path under the warm spring sun.
I lie in your arms, soaking the warmth and hearing the birds chirp.

The moment ended all too soon, dozing off on the return,
blue bells in hand, pictures of the occasion still remain.