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Looking back at the hard times,
the hands seemed to crawl.
Trying to recall the happy moments,
but they always seem to be out of grasp.

It was the spurts of white hair;
I swear it  was the wrinkles,
when I saw your saggy eye bags,
I seemed to find you aged.

Yesterday I celebrated my first birthday,
today I have grown so tall.
I used to look up to talk to you,
but now we are on par.
Everytime we crossed the roads,
my tiny hands were always wrapped by yours;
but now I need to take charge,
to watch the oncoming traffic and ensure your safety.

Age has found your hiding place;
gravity has won your eye bags;
wrinkles now cover your face;
where can I find black hair,
on your head?

Your unconditional love,
your caring words,
they warm my heart for I know now,
you are the greatest mom in my world.