Received late notice on potential complimentary tickets on a Tuesday night. First thought – I want to go!  Couple of reflections I had after the show.
1. If one stares really hard at a poster one year ago, one might get to watch it for free.
‘Wicked’ poster was pasted all over the tube stations especially on the walls next to the escalators. I even have a memory imprinted in my mind. I did wonder about going to watch it but due to budget issue and watching musicals doesnt rank high on the list, the activity never materialised. Now looking back, the subconscious accumlative thoughts may perhaps make dreams come true!
2. Happily ever after musicals suits me the best.
To date, I have watched a grand total of 4 musicals/plays. They are in chronological order – Wicked, Les Miserables, Midsummer’s Night Dream and Inspector Calls. Out of those 4, I have managed to successfully doze off for half the shows. I wasnt able to sense the patterns till this recent one. Sad crying musicals bores me, mono-dialogues lures me to dreamlands and happy musicals with good singing, accompanied by some conversations keeps my attention span from beginning to end!

3. A good storyline illustrating life helps to generate some motivation and inspiration in life.
Wicked did. Friendship, circumstances shapes the personality, attitude and the works behind meeting people for a reason. They are coincidentally principal pillars of my life. They strengthen my beliefs to push on with what I have done to date and with the experience behind me, to move on to create positive energy and pass the goodness forward.

An over 2 hour experience with the enjoyable company of good friends’  – I decided that it was the best ending for a ‘Wicked’ Tuesday night.