Easter Monday turned out to be a bright and sunny day. I got myself out of bed eventually and proceeded to do my laundry and my other household chores. It wasnt too much but I felt motivated to get my hole cleaned up.

I got online and chatted with friends in the other zone, on top of writing emails, of course. And not forgetting to mention about how I got round to calling dear mobile operator to get a replacement for the connector piece for my phone charger. Instead of being able to get a replacement at a nearby branch, the employee at the store kindly informed me that I would have to go back to the original shop which I signed my contract as they would not be able to replace the stock if they replaced one for me?!! So being very annoyed, I eventually made the call and was told that they will send one to my house within 3 working days. I am wondering seriously about how advanced technology has made its presence known within this country…

Of course, I have digressed. When I got round to my jog in the evening, I embarked on an hour long run determined to gain some happy hormones to cheer myself up. As the happy hormones slowly solidified its presence in my body nearing the halfway mark of my exercise, I saw two guys on their bicycles riding towards me. I headed towards their center and was horrified when one of them started sticking out their hands and swung them round and round advancing towards me with a seemingly bullying perverse smile. Having heard stories about how the minority are bullied/terrorized here in this city and also witnessed it firsthand in Coventry, my heart was in my mouth and I tried to duck. At the last second, one of the them actually apologized when he seemed to feel my real terror. I shook my head and try to squeeze out, it’s ok. But the words were stuck in the throat. I tried to erase the image from my mind as I resumed my run. It didnt seem to work effectively. All the endorphines seemed to have had just evaporated.