Where has she gone to?
Under the bright sun,
she appears nowhere to be seen.
I can sense her vaguely,
but she seems to be just beyond reach.

Where is she now?
In the early wee mornings,
I thought she will be right next to me,
but though she was in my dream last night,
she is nowhere to be seen this as the sun slowly rises.

Where could she have gone to?
I was waiting for the apple of my eye the entire day,
till dusk has fallen,
I thought if she knew there was someone waiting for her,
she will soon appear before the day is up.

She is elusive,
she is beautiful, she knows we all need her,
but yet she chooses to ignore our request
and remain not seen yet sometimes felt.
Does she have a reason for her disappearance or
does she do that on purpose?
Is it then time we be more proactive
and all march forward to search,
instead of standing at the same spot,
hoping she will be able to find us?

Happiness, please tell us,
your wish is naturally our command…