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Second time within a week. Last Thur, I was on my way back from Rotterdam. A ferry ride with Stenaline, I took a train from Harwich International all the way to Manningtree to do a transfer back to Liverpool street. After mistakenly standing at the wrong platform for a while, I managed to finally figure out I should have stay put at my initial alighting spot to wait patiently for 20min.

In order to kill time(though I always thought time is precious), I started strolling up and down the platform with the mp3 player plugged to my ears. This little journey of course managed to warm me up sufficiently as I did not anticipate this wait and thus, was not dressed appropriately. After eternity passed, my train finally arrived! As I started to walk towards a door, a filippino man approached me. I was taken aback and he asked,”Are you from Philippines?” I shook my head. “Chinese?”, I nodded. To my relief, he did not follow me when I turn towards another door. I was slightly bemused and wondered what features I possesed for the man to have this query for me.

Shaking it aside, I did not put much thoughts into it until the bus ride this morning. As usual, I did my little nap on my daily journey. However, today I was less sleepy than usual. I had a fitful rest and woke up a few times way before I reached my destination.

Around five stops before I was due to alight, a filippino man(I presume) boarded the bus. He came right up to the back portion of the bus, and plonged himself right next to me, despite the existence of quite a number of empty seats. I was very disturbed and lost my desire to catch another 10min of precious rest before I start my day actual. Though I did doze off with my eyes closed. The next thing, I opened my eyes to see him staring right at me!!!

Goodness, I had a rude shock! Immediately, he apologised and asked me if I was from Philippines! I just shook my head. Boy, was I glad he decided to cease his probing after my disinterested response. What a week! At this moment, I am starting to wonder when might ‘man #3’ start to appear and in what way do I appear to be from Philippines..