Fulwell/Stanley Road. The final destination of the bus I take every morning stares at me before I mount the steps of a single deck London bus.
The thought always lingers at the back of my mind how it looks like.
I finally received my answer yesterday morning. (Yes, it’s now past midnight)

Of course curiosity has not pushed me that much to search for the answer. It crept onto me unexpectedly. Yes, as usual I fell into my usual slumber with music plugged into my ears. I settled into the second inner seat behind the back door and tried to read a newspaper about economics. Finally, the constant bus momentum coupled with my half awakened state on an early Tuesday morning did me in.

Perhaps it was due to the advancement of the hour hand on 27 Mar 1am GMT. It could be due to the fatigue from a consecutive five days of nights out. I actually MISSED my stop. Out of the nearly six months of bus travelling and each time I always doze off, I have only missed my stop around three times, if I remember rightly. And I only went over a maximum of two stops away!!

This time round, the bus driver had to tap me and wake me up. It’s totally shocking to have broken my proud track record! Fortunately I was way early before my official clocking in hours and I easily took a stroll of about 20min to the office. Other than annoyance over my broken record, two good things turned out from it – the refreshing and quiet walk  kept me on my toes for a while and the query at the back of my mind has certainly been replied.