A quaint town near the coast,
a party of three conquered it on a Saturday afternoon.

A speedy train sent them to Ashton and
whilst engineering works tried to delay them, a replacement succeeded in overcoming the barrier.

The girls were dressed for the occasion

so they were glad to be prepared when Wind and rain welcomed them with open arms upon arrival.

Exploring around the town, they found the way to the Ship’s Inn.
A sumptuous scallop meal under the dim warm yellow lights,

Gypsy poked her nose nearing the end, scaring poor C outta her wits for a second.
End of the course came too quickly and off the girls continued their trip

Capturing misty images of the seemingly old town,
they were fascinated by the old but exciting shops lining two sides of the streets.
All too soon darkness arrived and it was time to catch the return bus back.

Truly short but memorable trip to Sussex,
the fragrance  from the quiet little town lined on the coast – named Rye hangs still lingeringly in the air.