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What’s the best gift one can receive on Valentine’s Day – a day established by Pope Gelasius I in 496AD?
Flowers as an expression of love?Chocolates perhaps for the sweet lover? Or maybe a proposal of marriage? Perhaps the utterance of three words over a simple meal might work as well?

I do wonder at times if there was a need to mark out a day for a couple to express their love for each other with objects or actions as I would have thought – shouldnt it be part of our everyday lives? On the other hand, it wouldnt hurt to set aside a date just for a special highlight and fork out some time to enjoy a special moment together, wouldnt it?

BUT if someone asks me my wish gift, my answer would be – CHERISH. Let me elaborate more on my definition of what cherish should encompass of – a feeling of being treasured, to be loved, to be able to stand against the adversity of time and tide and of course to still walk hand-in-hand when both heads are covered with a sea of grey.

Sounds complicated? Indeed a present without a price tag; without a clear defintion; it is obviously a richly wrapped intangible emotion. The recipient of the content will be able to feel the devotion and love, able to know there will always be someone catching you when you fall, to have an entwining hand accompaying your walk; someone to share your dreams with – they are all part of the HUGE parcel.

In contrast with the past where only simple vows bind many couples for life, we have wedding and engagement rings as symbols of love accompanied by a piece of paper certifying the union today – but unfortunately they are not guarantors of ‘we-are-joined-forever’! Lavished weddings signifying the start of a new chapter might not stand strong against raging storms and howling winds but I believe ‘Cherish’ is the best fortress against the onslaughts of life.

The strength of my Valentine’s Day gift is non-measurable. ‘Cherish’ holds unspoken promises – with no strings attached and just filled with thoughts, making me feel warm to the core every.single.day. The best I can ever receive.