Everyone seems to be obsessed with fun these days. The ‘F’ word – Have fun! – I hear it spoken relatively regularly but it hasnt been resonating as fully as I thought it could be. Dont mistake me for a prude – I like to have fun too but the fun I have been experiencing in recent years always seems to be lacking in something.

When I was a child, I had fun watching telly, going for excursions and just talking to friends. Even going to the library or heading down to the canal for a run were treat and they were fun! Not just making me very happy but I always felt contented at the end of those events.

As I got older, I seemed to be less easily satisfied. My definition of fun seemed to have evolved quite drastically and it didnt fit in with the common understanding. Maybe it’s just me. I do not deny that life is short and we should enjoy ourselves. Nonetheless, the fun component doesnt fill me up as full as before. In fact, the more fun I have, the emptier I feel – almost like a leaking battery or a balloon with a microscopic hole. I seek to explore this aspect and I have named it – The FUN Variable =  not a constant and differing values can be substituted.

I define FUN as enriching and fulfilling and a fitting into my principals of learning. Clariice’s call.
If you would like to share any other values, give me a shout out –  I look forward to hear your thoughts.