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Why do we want a relationship? Straightforward answer – because it provides us companionship.

That was my derived conclusion after talking to numerous fellow mankind. Another secondary reason is actually to build a family. As scientist have reported, man is a social animal and craves for someone to share his life with, someone to do things together with.

Result of having a partner could turn out to be a strength – with another being, somehow difficulties do nto seem so unsurmountable but on the other hand, a weakness as well because without that someone, man feel vulnerable and possibly alone with no one to face the world together. It might not seem so obvious as one goes about his/her busy life. However, this weakness will surface distinctly when one falls sick or keeps meeting with obstacles.

We were born alone and we die alone. Between the start and end of this path, we embark on this game – Game of Life. We experience childhood, our teenage years and as we step into adulthood, the game turned complex. Seeking a partner to accompany us in this game, we jump from one relationship into another, hoping to find the one. But whenever the going gets tough, one of them will bail out , citing reasons of incompatibility or different goals in life. In actual fact, they didnt even last a turn or two, leaving me to ponder over the fragility of the bond. Why do we even forge bonds which doesnt last?

What’s the lifespan of a relationship? Has the expiry date been stamped right at the start? My friend told me – all relationships either end up in a break-up or marriage eventually. Only two possible results. Quite predictable, isnt it? With a fifty-fifty chance, we are either together for life or one day we will part.

These days, the statement – till death do us part has not been very fashionable. Five simple words to a promise of eternity but no one dares to utter them. But as we race changes every single day, our feelings evolved and there is a decreasing probability of getting a guaranteed lifetime of devotion and love to another person anymore. Sticking out to an initial promise got harder and the power to be able to change our mind pushes us further away to keep our promise. Perhaps our values gradually changed along the way; it could be differing wants or simply put the love was just not sturdy enough to withstand the test of time?

In contrast, our family bonds do not seem to easily break due to conflicts, instead the bonds are likely to strengthen as we embrace the differences and give in to one another. Thoughts of cutting off our family ties never crossed our mind as quickly despite endless quarels and arguments all obviously because of the love for our family – the common blood flowing in our bodies.

Considering the test of time, falling in love and hoping he or she is the one – I can safely conclude it is a gamble to win or lose. A win in the early stages might not neccessarily lead to a lifetime of happines but if one is not willing to take up the risk, there stands no chance of a potential win in this game –  of life.