Waiting seems to be part and parcel of our everyday life. Standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, it felt like an endless pattern – no matter where I was. The streets lit with orange lamps created a warm and serene atmosphere. For once, I did not feel impatience. Instead a strange sense of peace and patience oozed from within.

Two years ago, this similar scene took place often enough. Only difference at this instant was probably the weather conditions, the number of ‘fellow waiters’, the number of available service options and the lateness of the hour. I looked at my watch and saw that only a couple of minutes had passed. But there was no hurry. At this moment, the dimension of time had ceased to exist.

For a fleeting moment, I doubted the huge decision made over the past year, resulting in where I stood currently. My beliefs of fighting for dreams seemed to waiver in spite of the stillness in the air. Almost instantaneously, the invaluable lessons I had acquired over the short period flashed through my mind, disipatating the lingering doubts. This repeated silent exchange I had with myself ought to stop – I kept telling myself. I shook my head, hoping to clear my head in the clear winter air. 

My left hand, hidden in my jacket pocket seemed to have turned warmer. A passing thought ran through my mind – it’s probably more than 5 degrees right now. I focused my sight once again at the far corner distance and saw an approaching bus. My bus has arrived.