Approximately 2 weeks ago, I was attacked by the viral bug. My first real illness since I have stepped into this country. Previously, whenever I show any slight symptoms of falling ill, I would get very paranoid and start downing vitamin C tablets and of course plenty of fruits and water.

This time round, I was just unvigilant. I had this impression of myself that I was invincible. And I repeatedly consciously ignored the signs. On the first day, I was hounded by a sore throat and I felt slightly feverish with aching bones. Honestly, this wasn’t the first time but I managed to go into office and survived an entire day without fainting away. On hindsight, I think I deserve a pat on the back for accomplishing this feat.

On reaching home, I even whipped up some food for a quick dinner so as to accelerate the recovery of my physical self. Or so I thought. The bloody sore throat eventually resulted in voice loss and just two days ago, it evolved into a occasional then persistent cough which transforms into coughing fits whenever I get too excited talking away or when my throat becomes too dry. The dry weather in London has so far not assisted me onto the road of full recovery as of yet.

Traditional remedies of honey with ginger and honey with lemon combination were supposed to work wonders. As the sore throat showed no signs of going away anytime soon, I decided to head to the supermarket after work to purchase the ‘antidotes’ in the hope that they will be effective in removing the ‘occasional hand holding me by the throat feel’.

I got the ginger but there were no signs of the yellow guy. I swear I have circled the super market nearly three to four times, staring intently at all the baskets BUT I was just not able to see him. Eventually, I gave up and decided to just use solution number one. I had the drink for a couple of days usually only when I reached home. However, I felt that my condition might have a higher recovery rate if I complement the effect with solution number two. A couple of days after, I went into the same supermarket again – doing the same rounds and looking high and low till I got a headache from the activity. My conclusion – somehow Tesco just does not offer this product – which I have absolutely no idea why but I concluded that the supermarket was just not offering enough products.

Just today, I went back to the supermarket again upon the insistence from my housemate that Tesco does sell lemons. With half an hour to closing time, I stepped into Tesco amidst the mess prior to packing completion time. I just did one round and this time, I spotted a friendly sales assistant for some direction and goodness, I finally got what I wanted.

Located at the top of a shelf after turning a corner, there was a huge box with many options. Till now, I still find it unbelievable that I did not see them at all. I would perhaps attribute it to my illness and my deficiency of being vertically challenged. And once again, I have proven to myself that sometimes I should just open my mouth and ask another being whenever I have any queries. This will not only increase the chances of me wasting unnecessary precious time but also such that all activities will be executed within the shortest time.