There have been many thoughts running amok through my head about this particular topic.

I have never considered distance a barrier – distance is a physical excuse designed by man. Going from Boon Lay to Pasir Ris – one hour train ride and I thought it was far. Hence I seldom go. I have been there a couple of times but in actual fact – the ratio of the actual satisfaction and fun I derive from the two hour plus journey over the actual activity is so high that I decided it’s not worth the effort.

This happened ever so often that I realised it’s not distance that’s limiting us – it’s ourselves. With this logic reasoning, I can assure everyone, long distance relationship is possible – provided both parties are keen and interested. Am I for long distance relationship – posed with this question, I am strangely reluctant to address this question mainly because once upon a time I was against it but when it actually happened to me, I was game to give it a shot. As such, faced with this ‘issue’, I needed to face the past again and re-state my position as I seemed to have lost my stand along the way.

Having heard a couple of successful long distance relationship – they are still holding on fine and the commonality in their recipe seems to be the end goal in the not so distant future. They want to be together – commitment to hold hands in the future. They want to share their things together, ultimately their life as well. Physical distance is never a distance as once hearts are joined, distance is never a problem or in fact it’s more of a challenge to overcome rather than a real problem.

Looking at it from another angle, we could be sitting next to each other but as long as there are nothing to talk about, even a hug or kiss mean nothing if souls are not joined. The joining of two physical bodies should produce completeness or to put it simply, bliss. What’s bliss? I would define it this way – the feeling of being loved, of wanting to love someone and of course not forgetting the feeling of homecoming.

If you really want to be with someone, there is no reason not to be able to come together. The only reason of not being together is not the distance. Plainly speaking, the desire of being together does not exist. The ‘want’ is not large enough, thus the excuse. To make a relationship work, the effort required to keep this commitment is pivotal. Each individual needs to have a strong mind and know what he/she wants and withstand the distractions and events in the world. Whenever one party loses the interest in maintaining the relationship, it will just collapse even with a single source of energy feeding it.

Before I sign off, let me give an analogy. A long distance relationship is similar to a marathon –

First 10 Km – easy

10-20m – route may perhaps seem monotonous

20-30km – arduous journey with goal nowhere in sight

30-40km – the light at the end of the tunnel seeping through with the last 2km plus to go..

And the final dash represents the fruit of the labour – if both flowers agree to grow and flourish together, why shouldnt they attempt a LDR?