I had two questions when I chanced upon this box at one of the airports – how does one measure customer satisfaction? And how can customer satisfaction be rewarded?

Are compliments sufficient or should monetary rewards be offered to keep customer satisfaction level high? Should the standards be considered part of customer service? In restaurants or cafes – customers do give tips to reward good service. However, this was the first time I have seen it at an airport. Perhaps, a similar box should be placed in all venues requiring good service – so that they will keep up the spirit of good service? Or should good service be considered a bonus rather than part of a job? And the most important aspect: motivating factor for good service – just to bring a smile to the customers or should there be an expectation of a monetary award for performing beyond expectations?

I guess customer satisfaction can be quite subjective. Coming from two sides of the coins – rewards seem like a good silent method of rewarding their efforts but in turn if expecting an outcome of a reward is the push factor for providing good service, then perhaps the attitude should be re-examined dependent on the purpose of having good customer service.