I get a good laugh every once in a while whenever I take the bus to and fro from work in London – when the buses terminate halfway with the passengers having to alight and wait for the next bus. And this is obviously due to a traffic jam along the way caused by road works, accidents or wet weather, the buses are unable to meet the scheduled headway frequency stipulated.

  Let’s explore the purpose of the scheduled headway frequency – probably to ensure the bus services efficiency? Perhaps to provide a timely service for the customers and ensure that given certain peak periods, a reliable service is offered for the people to perform their daily activities by getting from one point to another.

  By ‘beating’ the performance standards, the primary goal of implementing the ‘rules’ in the first place becomes a glaring joke. The passengers have to alight to either wait for the next bus or if they happen to be dropped off at a secluded spot, they will unfortunately have to look for the nearest stop or figure out an alternative route. If the passengers have never met with such an incident before, they will feel lost and need to get their bearings. In other words, the transport system will have lost the original intention of providing a reliable and trust-worthy service for the people.

  This is somewhat equivalent to a student cheating successfully for an exam. He may have got high marks for this measurement of knowledege. However, the opportunity for him to gain the riches of  knowledge is lost. It becomes a laughing joke and I do wonder how many such examples happen in our daily lives? Next time, if someone tells you, they have beanten the system, do remember to do abit of analysis, you might just be in for a good laugh.