The definition came from
Usually I would go to but somehow I was unable to recall the exact spelling and hence I ended up on freedictionary

Saw this word on the brand definition in my company’s toilet door today. I was curious enough to keep this word in mind and come home to investigate on the net.

I went to to do a comparison – it says-> To speak falsely or misleadingly.

I am now a little confused with the meaning. Both meanings logically seems to be opposites of each other. A person who strays from the truth speaks falsely.

However, in my interpretation, what I felt was: : explanation indicates that the verb is used passively : Seems to be more of a proactive verb.

So if I give two examples:

1. When questioned about the missing money, the thief prevaricated and the police became frustrated when they could not find any discriminating evidence on him.

2. During the interogation, the thieft prevaricated and sent the police on a wild goose chase.

Can anyone clarify if both sentences work?