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Because humans have an ever growing sense of greed; because humans set unrealistic expectations which they cannot meet and because humans have this in-born sense of always wanting to experience new things.

      Once upon a time, when we were children, we were happy with no expectations set. As we progressed, as we grew, as we became more experienced, our expectations increased exponentially. However, the ability to fulfil them were not growing in a similar rate. And each time, when we met the expectations, we lifted the bar resulting in a lower satisfaction feel. We wanted more and started to expect more.

    Over time, we forgot how to spell the word satisfied. We wanted to be – we tried. We thought by earning more money, this quantity will bring us happiness and satisfy our needs. In actual fact, everything that we would want to have, just a minute quantity should suffice. Anything more are signs of budding greed. The boundary is limitless and this cycle will never end.

   Ultimately the satisfaction level will not be achieved and we thus become forever unhappy, chasing after an endless supply of tangible and intangible needs. We need to constantly remind ourselves how to learn to be contented and where should we draw our lines. Only by being able to balance content with real need, that is the formula to a happy and satisfying life.