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Seated on bus * heading towards Hammersmith. It has been 1.5hour long since I boarded. I have not been caught in such a jam if I can remember. Time seems to have come to a standstill but the jumping digits on my watch indicated otherwise.

The sky has become dark. Feeling on top of a snail, I started to recall the past six months with dear J. The belief, the hope, the fight in a seemingly long journey in a tunnel fraught with unknowns but still we kept moving forward; we kept up the encouragement; we made new friends from everywhere who helped to keep up the faith. They shared with us their experience and how they used to hold on in those circumstances.

I ran into strangers on trains who told me their tales; I bumped into an old classmate who stood together at the challenging times; I met a new friend whilst on my regular jogs. They all had something to offer – their fascinating walk in life. And one of the most pivotal lessons I learnt is to hold onto the dreams and fight till the end. Believe and put in your best efforts to pursue them. Life will be much more colourful and enriching because of these adventures and enriching and all these memories will become the most precious moments in this short lifetime of ours.