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Just a new thought that popped into my mind today. Due to this fascination about age – even I have a penchant to keep guessing people’s age. BUT if the person is not willing to share, I am ok to keep it as that.

My new landlord keeps trying to guess my age. And I have this streak of stubborness that is – the more someone wants to know, the more I dont feel like telling. I guess it’s the asking attitude? Or perhaps the motive behind it? If I do not feel right nor appropriate, I just feel like keeping the other party guessing away.

So the landlord jokingly mentioned, I should need to ask you for your proof of identification – your passport and I would be able to know your age. Which then triggered off this question – about why do we have names? Why do we note down our date of birth?

To differentiate ourselves from one another or to inject hope into a new live?To note down the number of days we have lived on this earth? Differentiation make sense as with a label. we are able to reference to one another easily and it keeps topics going.

So what about date of birth? Why should we track that? To note down how many days we have wasted based on the number of unconscious living days versus the actual number of conscious living days?

Surnames? Because subsconsciously humans like to categorize everything and with the family names, we are able to tag ourselves to a specific group behaviour and attribute our characteristics and behaviour to that?

With the combination of name, family name and date of birth, I think this should make us (quite)unique individuals.