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Kicked off the start of my blog with my favourite subject – running.

As far as I can remember, I was always running. My favourite spot is along the canal at my old place. It was around 2.3km route and sometimes I will run the route twice if I wanted to up the distance. On lazy days, I will stop halfway and turn back. When the breeze blows, I feel the sense of freedom and would accelerate to feel the gust and how good it is to be able to move forward.

Running of course has its other perks as well – keep fit and burn the calories! Of course these side benefits only came into my thoughts as I grew older. Before that, it was only to be faster than others and to clock the fastest time. When I went to secondary school, I realised there was a difference between short and long distance running. I wasnt a sprinter. Not being able to react at the first instant after the gun goes off, my acceleration rate is also much slower than others. I was disappointed but I came to the realisation – my physical being was meant only for longer distance.

I guess there is something good about it – running distances helps me to clear the cloudiness in the brain. Helps me to train up my determination. Helps me to learn to be alone. Helps me to train up my tolerance level. Helps me to feel alive. Helps me to focus on the route ahead.

I managed to find a running path along Thames. Each time I go, I always seem to see new things or to rediscover new things under a different light. The moving current, the sun, the birds, the ducks. Put together each time, I have never seen an identical view.

Accompanied by my mp3 player, heart beat with the rhythm and the blood flows, I feel Life.