Unusually 2018


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The ups and downs,

whether it’s a fact or just a perception.

How do you pluck up the courage to go forward,

when you can’t see clearly where you are going?

How do you overcome the weakness of human nature,

to resolve similar problems that seem to persist?

Whether you can or you can’t, you are right.

When it’s up or down, it’s relative.

Is the right answer deep within us,

or is it just an illusion that we have the answer in us?

To be or not to be,

life is afterall a serious of choices threaded together,

without an instructional manual.

The choices we make – can be seemingly a mix of right and wrong;

Or simply all Right.

When days seem too long..


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You know you need a dose of motivation,
a bottle of inspiration,

an injection of zest,

a breath of enthusiasm;

when days seem much longer than nights,

when you wish daylight keeps away,

when you block out parts of your brain activities,

when you keep scrolling on your phone,

when exhaustion becomes your secret best friend,

when you are conscious of every body sensation.

You wonder,

why do the days seem never ending while the nights just flashes by?



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I have known Mistake since I was a kid.

My parents spoke about Mistake,

when I didn’t get answers correct in a test,

when I didn’t enter the top faculty,

or when I misbehave.

Mistake grew up with me,

and there was originally one.

I was embarrassed when it followed me around.

I detest its presence.

As I grew older, 

Mistake’s friends and relatives all wanted to become my friends. 

Soon, there was a crowd behind me.

They popped often from behind me to wave to my family and friends.
I wanted to shake them off and pretended they didn’t exist.

Soon, they muliplied to the size of an army.

Ever so often, I felt awkward and ashamed.

I didn’t want anyone to know about them.

Yet, I was helpless.

I thought,

why can’t they all disappear? 

Why do they keeping loitering around?

One day, I asked a wise man for guidance.

He said,

Child, don’t you realize you have become stronger? 

Their presence matters.

They made you who you are today.

The person before me stands tall and confident.

And you are a better person. 

Because you’ve an army of warriors supporting you.

Less Trodden Terrain


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Wobbly steps,

uncertainty in quiet company;

I count lesser footprints,

as gut feel insists on taking control.

The front view fogs up occasionally,

creating navigation difficulties.

Each five minutes feels like an hour,

I pause and turn back,

thinking to retrace my steps.

Only it hits:

the path back vanishes with each forward step I take.

And the only option,

is straight ahead.

I take deep breaths of determination,

I take pauses of strength,

I continue my journey ahead,

on this less trodden terrain.

Energy Flow in an Introvert


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She felt the click,
the moment of clarity.

When words sprout out effortlessly,

qi surging through the body,

as though she had ingested adrenaline,

a mind clutter free;

when ideas are born without inhibition,


Doubtless she knew ,

the moment was perfect,

for the formation of Creativity.



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Sitting on a sea of green,
I hear the sounds of planes above.

Looking up to see one after another,

filling up the sounds in the air.

The wind blows continuously,

while trees sway to the beats.

A harmonious sight spreads before me,

and I hear birds chirping around me.

All these creates a sense of calm and ease,

creating moments of surreality within,

striking a chord in contrast to yesterday’s terror.

Going through phases


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You know you’re in a transition stage,
when things are changing everyday,

when nerves grabs you in the belly time to time,

when you never seem to be able to grasp what’s happening next,

when you know things will be fine in the end yet doubt keeps creeping in,

when the unexpected arrives even when you thought you had things under control,

when you start to wish there were more certainty to hang on to,

when you keep wanting to see some light from the end of the tunnel,

and most especially when the word “elusive” pops into your head more often than the word “clarity”.

Happy Birthday To Me


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Another 12 months flown by,
52 weeks accumulated wisdom,
coupled with 365 days of lessons.

Life’s classroom,
as I am sitting in one.
Sometimes I feel I understand,
at times I don’t.

During those clueless moments,
the content is repeated unknowingly,
as if there’s someone out there,
wanting me to truly comprehend this knowledge.
Those times,
I keep my head low,
or call for a time-out,
willing myself a breakthrough,
to gain the insight needed,
so the repetition stops.

On other occasions,
I feel the adrenaline rush,
especially impressed by myself,
my receptiveness,
my capability to pick up the skills.
My gut tells me,
these are your strengths,
work on those,
you’ll go far.

8760 hours of lectures and homework,
I read,
I listen,
I assimilate,
I know for sure,
this constant evolution,
stretches me,
bettering me,

Ready to receive,
poised to take-off,
with gusto,
I await,
for my next birthday.