perspicaciously – acutely perceptive or discerning

I found this word upon reading an article on the Telegraph. Long word was my first impression. I had a hard initial effort to pronounce this word and was surprised I have not seen it before. It’s a very interesting word – according to – to describe someone who is astute.

A word which is used mainly to describe perhaps a gut feel, backed by intangible evidence. 

Compared to astute, which has been seen frequently, how many of you know this word?

Life’s little crossroads

A spot where your heart and mind are in two places,
feeling indecisive,
what will you do?

When you are waiting for a bus for half an hour,
to wait or to change your route?

Two job offers come at the same time,
which to choose when both are equally attractive?

Multiple invitations extended,
to decide which to accept?

To sleep early when you are tired,
or to stay up to learn?

Go for a swim to keep fit,
or to relax and chill out?

To wake up earlier to get more things done,
or to snooze in and rush within a shorter time?

Deciding to arrive at an appointment ten minutes before,
or to squeeze in another task, only to arrived hassled and breathless?

Multiple decisions define our route,
shape our character,
and determine our goals in life.

At each little juncture,
which would you choose,
as is you are.

“Plod, plod”

A niggling feel,
deep down hints.

Something is not quite right,
but no, the timing is still unripe.

The companions are absent,
the moment to meet yet unknown.

Only clue I’ve got,
is “plod, plod”.

The route ahead blurry,
path beyond stands invisible.

Nonetheless, fragile trust I hold,
to walk on with faith,
believe the cloudiness will soon pass me by.

I go forward,
stepping along the faintly outlined road.
Plod, plod.



Learning to relax

I close my eyes,
counting silently to fifty.

Thoughts slowly clearing out,
my mind gradually blank.

A deep breath through the nose,
I exhale with my mouth.

Fresh air now within my lungs,
waste expelled.

I turn my body left to right,
raise my arms high,
stretching the stiff body out.

Repeating the actions thrice,
I rotate my head,
relaxing the tight neck muscles.

Another round of breathing exercises,
I sense the tension leaving me,
left behind,
a sensation named Relaxed.


Befriending Energy

When you feel grumpy and your favourite latte can’t cheer you up;
a stranger’s smile does not work its magic on you;
and everything seems to be going wrong.

Your spirit is lying low,
the head feels heavy,
and the body aches.

Fear not, for I have a remedy.
A way to cure the ailing spirit,
to get infected with the smiling bug,
and your steps lighten naturally with gladness.

Fight fatigue and recharge,
hug Dream and hold her tight,
lie next to Bed and be embraced,
Tiredness soon depart,
Energy to be your next best friend.